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RateMyHospital® (RMH) is a data-driven analytics platform built on mobile-based patient feedback that helps hospitals measure, analyze, and improve the patient experience – in real time.

The RMH executive dashboard displays real-time patient satisfaction and demographic data, facilitating immediate service recovery, efficient resource allocation, and improved reimbursement in the pay-for-performance era ushered in by the Affordable Care Act. By leveraging the ubiquity of mobile devices, RMH captures and displays actionable patient feedback in ways that are smarter, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional paper-based feedback tools.

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The RateMyHospital® dashboard and mobile feedback tool is the fastest, most accurate way for hospitals to gather and analyze patient feedback. The data collection and analytics tools provide healthcare administrators the answers and insights needed to improve the patient’s experience in real time.

Time1-3 monthsinstant
Response Rate< 2%~15%

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act’s Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program and the consequent pay-for-performance reimbursement models instituted by private health insurance payers, never before have hospitals and other provider organizations been held accountable for the patient experience to this extent. Quantifying and improving the patient experience has real financial benefits and consequences.

By measuring and improving the patient experience in real-time, hospitals can take a patients-first approach to delivering a data-driven, high-quality care experience.

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Patient Feedback

RateMyHospital® collects real-time patient feedback through a web-based survey tool that anyone can access through his or her mobile phone. With a click of a link, patients can instantly provide feedback of their experience – feedback that is displayed in real-time on the RMH executive dashboard.


  • Text-based

    fast response
  • Mobile Web

    no app install

Through RateMyHospital®, hospitals and ambulatory care centers can easily customize patient satisfaction surveys to fit different clinical settings – from emergency departments and outpatient clinics to inpatient units and imaging centers. Feedback can be gathered through SMS/text. Since the feedback tool is accessed via the web, there is no need for patients to download and install an app.

The RMH feedback tool has many advantages over traditional methods: Data is collected immediately after the episode of care or during an inpatient stay; higher response rates offer more representative patient satisfaction data; and data collection is more cost-effective. Traditional paper-based survey data suffer from exceedingly low response rates, are expensive to administer, and typically take months to collect, rendering the data grossly out-of-date by the time the results are analyzed.

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Based in New York City, Quality Reviews, Inc. was founded by leading healthcare providers and entrepreneurs with a combined 30+ years of clinical, healthcare administrative and technology–building experience. Quality Reviews, Inc. builds proprietary software to help healthcare provider organizations capture and analyze real–time patient feedback via its flagship product, RateMyHospital®.